A dive of Rezikai's

Tunarian Outcast...

The last 4-5 years.

Whew, well its been like 5 years. As you can tell from the last few posts about the 60 epics and that was like June of '05
If you hadn't seen by the newer pics I'm still playing EQ2. However I do still log in to Hodstock occasionally on Rez or Kryst
But lately I've been raiding on Diren's Hold with friends with Scubatsteve and Sethimus in their guild Immortal Knights.

Eqoa's still chugging along.. devs Sapphyra left years ago as did Ghal-something and Daemass.. they were the last crew to work.

Anyways Eq2's still chugging along going on 6yrs.

As is.. im thinking of making my own game/story.. table top probably.

As for this place.. I'm making a new section for lore tales I tell in eq2/eqoa possibly some quest/city dialogue from eqoa's quests, oh and I'll add some pics from EQ2/EQoA and such
Rezikai's current time in eq2 but playing an ancestor is still awesome.

Sweating it out.

Glad to see some we're getting 60 epics finally,... and that the Devs are showing themselves on the boards more.

The Unnamed, a year in reflection.

This is one day about a year ago on Naggy's Isle... he obviously needs a breathmint.

Nearly a year in The Unnamed.. it's went fast.. and not due to alot of drama either just mostly good times and good people that have kept me playing this aging game.

No news on an Expansion in the last 6 months, which kinda leads me to believe if there ever will be one it'll be set up on the next gen Playstion console. Which kinda blows, but not unforseen.

With the recent announcement of 60 epics and the possibilty of a new Zone being opened though the current short term future of EQOA seems bright. Time, and a red headed Barbarian Warrioress will only tell how well our beloved little MMORPG will go.

By the way a good guildsite I found was http://stoutshield.guildportal.com/ they actually are some really good people... I remember seeing the NPC that they base their guilds motto off of, waaaaaay back when this rogue was in the mid 20 levels and the person showing me told me how they liked the Dwarfs incouragement as well...

Heres to them followers of the Stoutshield.

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